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Sales and conversion

What is Retargeting

Continuous Exposure = Conversions

Continuous analysis and product exposure targeting customers' interests that boost your revenue.


Repeated Exposure of Products of Interest to Customers

It analyzes the top 3 products that the customer will most likely buy and repeatedly exposes the products to the collection page that the customer is looking at. In the case of products already in the shopping cart, conversion copywriting is exposed together to facilitate customer's purchase.


Eye-catching Scroll Animations

Eye-catching scroll animations are applied to the retargeted products. It keeps the customers attention to the products with 3 differentiated animations.

Sales copywriting

Quick and Simple Shopping Experience

It constantly exposes the products that the customer would most likely buy, encouraging purchase of the products. This leads to an increase in revenue and a more convenient shopping experience for customers.

Quick purchase

How It Works

Simple and Powerful

The image below shows the flow of Retargeting In Store.


Conversion-oriented Features

Retargeting Products

Analyze and track products of interest to customers and continuously expose them across collection pages.

Eye-catching Animations

Animate product images and conversion copywritings to attract customers to retargeted products.

Faster Purchasing Decisions

Customers can make a faster decision to buy and enjoy effortless shopping with retargeted products in collection pages.

User Interface

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Even if you're not an expert, you can set it up quickly and correctly.

  • Statistics by product & customer
  • Conversion copywriting settings
  • Can differentiate conversion copywriting designs for retargeted products in shopping cart
  • Scroll animation settings
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Retargeting In Store dashboard

Demo and App Store

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Retargeting In Store demo
Retargeting In Store Demo

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Retargeting In Store on Shopify
Retargeting In Store on App Store

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Retargeting In Store is a quick and simple retargeting app aiming to capture both revenue growth and customer satisfaction.


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